Story On Sunday

Sunday is a day of fun for a break, relax, lounge – sit in front of the tv, yes!! because starting from the morning until the afternoon watching a lot of interest, ranging from anime movies, cartoons, music shows, and reality shows, which make fresh lah 🙂

So remember when I was a child in the most awaited day of the week is the cartoon movie, ranging from Doraemon series that still exist today and airing of the start I was not born, another Japanese cartoon series, like DragonBall is a favorite and not get bored – bored again if you watch, because the story is full of characteristic effects typical Japanese cartoon, like a random hair style – wild, and others, continues to be a favorite the first is a type of Japanese superhero movie or a “tokusatsu” Kamenrider / Knight armor black or PowerRanger, because love cool superhero character, and the effects of the explosion while fighting a steady, not far is the hollywood movie: D. Even more basically cartoons that had favored when he was a child or children while still – children, because it’s pretty fun too spoiled by the quality and favorite movies,

substantially Sunday was a nice day, maybe that has a lot of money, road – the road to a place of recreation, or mall, well if there’s no money, sleeping on and twiddle – sit alone,


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